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The concept of Application Operations was pioneered in 2007 and over a period of time the model has been able to successfully meet the business challenges which includes scalability, agility, proactivity, accountability, faster resolution to incidents/problems, cost control and standardization among many others. With Application Operations framework; the team acts as a bridge between the application and infrastructure worlds to provide an end to end integrated, agile and proactive view and through its models, implementation methodology and processes address the various IT & business challenges highlighted above.

With Application Operations the customers can expect the following benefits:

·         Clear demarcation between what is engineering versus what is operations

·         Improvement in ownership and accountability of issues by about 90-95%

·         Improvement in resolution rates by about 80-90%

·         Operations becoming proactive & Agile rather than Reactive

·         Levels of Automation being increased significantly

·         Standardization across technologies & processes

·         Opex costs down in excess of 45-50%

·         Easier to Govern

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