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Business Intelligence Reporting

At the time of making your business globally competitive, every organization has to increasingly cope with a host of challenges like rapid changes in technology, fluctuating customer behavior and shrinking product life cycles. In such a dynamic scenario, interpreting and managing enterprise-wide information is crucial to make well-informed timely decisions, respond to ever-changing environment and stay ahead of the competition. 

Business Intelligence helps organizations consolidate and drain streamlined quality information and provides them with strong analytical, reporting and alert mechanisms to manage core strategies and improve performance management. 

Our solutions for business analytics includes five phases from Discovery through Deployment and Monitoring. We'll help you discover the power of business intelligence and the value impact it can have on your business.

·         Business Intelligence (BI), Reporting & Analysis Solutions are becoming widely used to support key business processes. Sales Analysis, Customer Intelligence, Financial Reporting, Workforce Analytics, Board Reporting and Management Report Packs are just some of the purpose built business solutions that Focus delivers to our clients.

·         Dashboards, Scorecards & Portals Provide simple interfaces to navigate to the most relevant business information. They make information accessible and create common goals through shared information resources that focus on the 'measures that matter'.

·         Financial Analytics Also known as Performance Management (FPM), can integrate essential business planning, budgeting, forecasting, scenario modeling and financial performance reporting processes.

·         Predictive Analysis Often referred to as data mining, can discovers rules or relationships amongst the data that could not be found via traditional means. These rules can be applied to create significant value in a wide range of applications.

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